RECENT Paintings

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The Returning Angels Series

The Returning Angels Series imagines the spirits of murdered children restored, reincarnated and returning to the natural world as exceptional healers, educators, artists, scientists, philosophers and socio-political activists on a mission to improve the human condition.

The Portal Series

The Portal Series imagines a divine passageway through which celestial beings travel to and from the land of the ancestors.

The Chrysalis Series

The Chrysalis Series imagines spirits transforming from their earthly reality into angel beings.  This series is informed by the transformational experience of caterpillars morphing in a cocoon into beautiful butterflies. 

THE Celestial Navigation Series

The Celestial Navigation Series imagines the journeys of spirit beings transitioning from the natural world to a divine experience.

The TargetED Series

The Targeted Series depicts the bullet-ridden mug shots of young black men used by North Miami Beach police snipers for target practice.