Arturo Magazine

The original Arturo Magazine print series is a tongue-in-check, faux magazine covers that purports to give advice to men who love women.  There are five images in this series.  The “magazine” is a parody on actual publications with eye catching visual sound bites with double entendres that entice us, the general public, to make impulsive buying decisions at checkout counters in grocery stores. 

            Oprah’s O magazine inspired this project both in the use of a self-portrait as well as the notion of giving “expert advise.”  The sixth “issue,” The Gourmet Edition – Latino SINsual Sustenance was created for the 2011 Latino Foodways exhibition sponsored by the Latino Arts Council of Milwaukee WI.

Children of Middle Passage

The Children of Middle Passage series was created to memorialize the countless children and young people that perished during the Middle Passage of the trans-Atlantic slave trade whose names and identities have been erased.  In order to erase the anonymity to which these children were relegated I titled each portrait with a traditional African name and a corresponding village.  It is very possible that a young girl by the name of Ye was kidnapped from the Ashanti village of Ejisu and later perished on a slaver crossing the Atlantic.

It is my hope and belief that when we commemorate spirit beings that met tragic ends in works of art we provide that spirit a peaceful and loving resting place.  The Children of Middle Passage series is such a body of work.